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CRM system tailored to your business

The term 'CRM' is commonly used and refers to a management system.
However, it is worth knowing that there are four main types of systems, which vary significantly depending on the industry and type of business of the company.

Elementy systemu CRM

Effective management

Can't find a system that meets all your needs?


Customer Relationship Management

Software for companies whose business growth depends on references and good customer relations 

  • Services

  • e-commerce

  • Retail


Enterprise Resource Planning

Complex systems for medium and large enterprises based on efficient data flow

  • Production

  • Logistics

  • Services

  • Trade


Product Lifecycle Management

Systems organize the work, updates and workflow of manufacturing and sales companies 


  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Electronics


Warehouse Management System

For companies with warehouses and distribution centers, concerned with efficient logistics and process optimization

  • Trade

  • Logistics and distribution

  • e-commerce


A system that facilitates customer relationship management

Contact management and marketing campaigns

Handling requests and complaints

Sales process automation

Data analysis and reporting

Zespół Webchefs podczas pracy

Improved quality of customer service

Automation of sales tasks and identification of potential customers   

Better understanding of the market and trends identification

Transparent analysis of customer data

Process automation; better time and resource management

Spotkanie biznesowe


A system that facilitates enterprise resource planning


supply chain 
human resources 
warehouse management 
fixed assets 


Increase operational efficiency

Optimization of processes in a single system

Financial control (budgeting, analysis, reports)

Optimization of human resources management

Improving customer relations - possibility of integration with CRM system


A system that facilitates product lifecycle management


technical data 
supplier relationships

Version control system  

Członek zespołu Webchefs podczas pracy
Wygląd oprogramowania dopasowany do twoich potrzeb

Better organization of processes - increasing project quality

Reduced time to market 

Control of product documentation, changes and versions  

Optimal management of resources 

Effective product lifecycle management (increasing company competitiveness)

Kobieta pakująca zamówienia


A system to help manage warehouse operations

Warehouse space management

Management of receipt and dispatch of goods

Order compliancy

Inventory tracking 

Optimization of logistic processes 

optimization of warehouse processes

control over inventory and stock levels

automation of the order picking process 

effective use of warehouse space

reduction of operating costs

shortening the time of order completion 

A price to suit every budget

Depending on what your expectations and financial capabilities are, we have prepared three ways of pricing:


Fixed-price contract with analysis, implemented in the waterfall methodology

Ability to plan complex work


Clearly defined requirements before starting work

Knowledge of the exact budget

Clearly defined work schedule


Accurate and binding project specifications


Agile contract of 3, 6 or 12 months

Flexible project scope

Transparent budget control

Continuous and equal involvement of the client and Webchefs in the project

Immediate transfer of copyright


Fastest way to test the system under production conditions


MVP fixed price contract

Focus on functionality

Short and simple project work steps

Realistic business value with a low budget

Approximate schedule

Ability to quickly assess project profitability

"What sets the Webchefs team apart is their understanding of our goals, so we consistently receive personalized IT solutions that significantly increase our online sales and brand visibility."

Weronika Ilczuk, Media Manager

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For 10 years we have been helping our clients achieve their business goals

Through the use of the latest technology, we streamline daily operations in companies. We simplify and automate tedious, routine activities. We support, advise and train in the digitization of businesses.

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We are a technology partner for your business

We tailor CRM systems to companies' business needs

We automate repetitive tasks

We integrate CRM, ERP, and PLM systems

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