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DigitalOcean - what it is and why it is the best cloud for developers

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Cloud hosting is today's leading method for storing and providing access to applications and websites. Unlike traditional hosting that relies on a single server, cloud hosting uses a network of connected servers in the cloud, enhancing data management's flexibility and scalability. Large corporations, local software houses, and individual developers favor this approach. Specifically designed for software development companies, DigitalOcean is a cloud service that caters to the needs of individual developers and smaller teams.

Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean has emerged as a leading global cloud service provider, catering primarily to developers in the IT development market. Recognizing the unmet infrastructure needs of developers, DigitalOcean introduced a product that integrates web hosting with the utilization of virtual servers. Particularly valued for deploying, scaling, and managing applications across multiple computers simultaneously, DigitalOcean gained prominence in 2013 as a pioneer in virtual machines based on SSDs. Since then, it has continued to enjoy widespread popularity globally.

Why do we use it? The main benefits of the DigitalOcean engine

DigitalOcean is currently one of the best cloud solutions on the market. What are the main advantages, and why do we use it?

  • Cloud based on SSDs. These are high-performance solid-state drives. They work quickly and flawlessly, which increases the performance of the maintained services and applications. Cloud servers are always active, straightforward, and quick to set up.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface. The control panel is straightforward and intuitive to use. Configuring cloud data with DigitalOcean has become simple and intuitive.

  • Professional cloud hosting at a reasonable price. The pricing model is fair and transparent. Hosting starts at around £20 (US$5), and, in addition, DigitalOcean gives the option of billing by the hour.

  • Support for various operating systems and software. DigitalOcean offers five Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and CoreOS). It also supports ready-made environments like Ruby on Rails, Django, or Node.js and content management systems like WordPress or Drupal. It also allows instant installation of application stacks (including LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, and Docker). 

  • Trusted and stable brand. DigitalOcean guarantees the security and professionalism of services, confirmed by its global reputation and positive evaluations of satisfied users.

More than just data in the cloud

DigitalOcean is popular among developers worldwide and is supported by a vibrant user community. It's more than just a web hosting service—it's a hub for developers. DigitalOcean hosts tutorials, guides, project examples, and FAQs, all regularly updated. This provides programmers with cloud computing resources and comprehensive advice and assistance, fostering an environment for idea exchange among fellow enthusiasts.

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