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Making the right choice: 6 factors to consider when selecting an IT service provider

Updated: May 31

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Collaboration with external IT solution providers has become an integral part of the strategy for many enterprises. In Poland, about 90% of companies use IT outsourcing, and a significant portion decide to cooperate with external IT solution providers. 

Choosing the right provider is crucial, as it can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise. Opting for a provider lacking the necessary knowledge and experience can have serious financial consequences and negatively affect the company's image. 

IT service providers offer a wide range of solutions, including creating and implementing systems or software, providing support in maintaining and expanding IT infrastructure, and providing support in maintaining and expanding IT infrastructure or ensuring data security

Thanks to these services, enterprises have access to innovative products that influence the automation of business processes, can improve their organizations, and respond to changing customer needs. 

The most popular services provided by providers in the IT market include: 

  • Designing & Creating IT Systems, 

  • Implementing Systems & Data Migration, 

  • Web Design, 

  • Managing Network Infrastructure in the Enterprise, 

  • Server Administration, 

  • Ensuring IT Security, 

  • Providing Consulting & Advisory Services. 


Before making a final choice, it is worthwhile to consider a range of key criteria. These include technical aspects, data security, customer service quality, and flexibility in delivering solutions. 

It is important to follow these criteria. 

1. Identifying needs and availability of offered services 

It is essential to analyze and determine the services the enterprise needs from the provider. It requires a detailed comparison of potential providers' services with the enterprise's current needs and characteristics – it will narrow down the choice of potential providers and develop criteria for evaluating their offer. For example, if a company needs web design, providers offering this service should be at the top of the list of potential partners. 

2. Experience 

Companies that have not yet gained experience serving enterprises may encounter difficulties implementing appropriate procedures. Therefore, choosing companies that can present their portfolio or document their previous projects is advisable. This approach can avoid problems related to staff, equipment shortages, or too limited knowledge necessary for the reliable provision of services. 

3. Responsibility 

A reliable partner will provide the enterprise not only with complete support in the IT area but will also remain engaged in the project in the phase of encountered difficulties. It ensures that the IT provider will propose an appropriate solution in case of unforeseen situations, e.g., changing market conditions. 

It is impossible to predict this when establishing cooperation. Still, before undertaking it, it is worth discovering who will be responsible for implementing the project and whether these individuals have experience developing similar solutions. 

4. Customer reviews 

Nothing speaks as convincingly of a provider's reliability and service quality as positive feedback from satisfied customers. Therefore, when choosing a service provider, it is worth meticulously checking references provided by other companies and certifications held by the provider company. 

5. Cost level 

Price is one of the most crucial factors in choosing a provider. It is worth contacting several companies for a quote (considering the criteria from the list prepared earlier). 

Customers usually avoid the cheapest and most expensive solutions, preferring intermediate options. Nevertheless, price should not be the sole criterion when choosing a provider. It is important to strive for innovative solutions that will bring savings in the future. 

6. Availability of decision-makers 

Often, large corporations prefer to work with smaller IT service providers. The decision is dictated not only by economic reasons, which allows for negotiating solution prices, but also by the possibility of direct contact with decision-makers and those responsible for the project's progress. 

Choosing the right IT service provider requires careful examination of many factors. This decision will significantly affect the enterprise's operational efficiency, so it is worth thoroughly understanding your needs and analysing the available options on the market. 

A reliable IT service provider can become an invaluable partner in development and achieving business success. 

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